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RE: Cold Air box - MGB

Subject: RE: Cold Air box - MGB
From: (Daniel Greenberg)
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 13:14:28 -0500 (EST) quotes Peter Burgess and then writes:

>Let me put this another way ... if a set of K&N filters do not
>increase volumetric efficiency, then why is it that when you fit a
>set it is recommeded that you fit a set of richer needles?

Burgess is clear, as Larry says, that replacing the stock filters 
on dual SU MGB's with K&N's can lead to an increase in volumetric 
efficiency, but only when two conditions are met: 

1) the stock air cleaner housings must be discarded and
2) the stock air cleaner entry plates must be retained.

In other words, putting the K&N's into the stock air filter
cans does little to improve breathing and throwing away the 
stock entry plates can actually decrease breathing.  (The 
entry plates are radiused and help shape and smooth the 
incoming air/fuel charge.)  

The best setup then would simply be a stock entry plate, the 
proper K&N filter, and some sort of endplate to seal the
open end of the filter.  In this setup the filters aren't
enclosed in a housing and the stock through-blots are
used to hold the whole thing together.  (Moss sells a fancy
filter/endplate set for about $140, but you could also 
purchase the filters separately and just make your
own endplates.)  

When I did this to my B, the mixture couldn't be
adjusted properly until I fit a set of richer needles.

Dan Greenberg
Ann Arbor, MI
71 MGB

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