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Re: Overdrive question

Subject: Re: Overdrive question
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 20:53:04 -0500

My 1969 MGB Roadster, non O/D, does have the column mounted switch.  

I have never used if of course 'cause I don't have OD, but it definitely can
be toggled front and back.

1969 MGB

In a message dated 96-12-23 18:50:50 EST, (MICHAEL J ROBSON)

>  Thanks John - I think we are getting to the root of it!!!   or the stalk
>  at least (sorry)
>  I spoke to a friend of mine in the UK today, and sent him out to look at
>  his own 70B.
>  The O/d switch is firmly, inexorably placed on the left side of the dash!
>  (but then HIS 70B doesnt have a split bumper either..- obviously the
>  column switch was a adaptation - It will be interesting to see
>  how long it re,ained - my 69 definitely does NOt have it sooooo...

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