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Re: Overdrive question

Subject: Re: Overdrive question
From: (W. J. Richard Criswell)
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 03:56:54 EST
Mike you wrote:

>Thanks John - I think we are getting to the root of it!!!   or the stalk
at least (sorry)
>I spoke to a friend of mine in the UK today, and sent him out to look at
his own 70B.
>The O/d switch is firmly, inexorably placed on the left side of the
dash! (but then HIS >70B doesnt have a split bumper either..- obviously
the column switch was a > adaptation - It will be interesting
to see how long it re,ained - my 69 >definitely does NOt have it

According to the American Specification MGB Parts Catalog published by
the now defunct MG Parts Center Ltd, the combination wiper/wash & O/Drive
switch commenced in October '67 with the introduction of the GHN/D4 
models. This switch continued through the end of GT importation into the
US and through GHN/D5 410000 for the roadster which was the end of the
'76 model year. For '77 and beyond the O/D switch was located in the gear
shift knob.

Dick 8>)
Vintage Parts & Products
Camarillo, CA
Have MG will travel

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