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RE: Cold Air box - MGB

To:, Ernest <>
Subject: RE: Cold Air box - MGB
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 13:52:29 EST
Bruce wrote:

<Although the air filter set up on the B looks restrictive, I thought that I
<read on this list a while back that the stock B filters were actually the
<best set up.  Also, that the K & N arrangement was no better in terms of air
<introduction to the twin SU's.  I like the idea of the cold air box, doubt
<I'd take the time to fabricate it, but am always open to being more
<knowledgeable about the car.  Anyone remember the thread on the stock B
<filters vs. the K & N ?

Being relatively new to the list, I'd like to be able to retrieve old 
threads such as Bruce mentioned.  Is there an archiving process 
associated with the list?  I'm also very interested in this business 
about filters.  I tend to come down on the side of not believing the 
K&N hype, but I've been wrong before....many times and very wrong!  

Bill Schooler
69 BGT
53 TD

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