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Re: '66 B won't roll

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: '66 B won't roll
From: Chuck Schaefer <>
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 12:34:29 -0600

Robert Hill wrote:

> When I stated "froze" I was meaning in a mechanical sense - not literally
> from water, etc.  The wheel cylinder have probably stuck because of sitting
> and the deterioration that had already taken place.  Jack the car up, take
> the wheels off and pull the hubs, etc and see what you have there.  This
> will probably be your probably.  If that isn't it, check the clutch
> (although I made that suggestion 2 because I would think with the engine
> out, it would be free; however, depends on many circumstances and I have
> seen stranger things in my 25 years in the hobby

How would checking the clutch do anything? The engine is out of the car.
Presuming that it came out as normal, and didn't just fall out, the clutch
should still be attached to the engine flywheel anlong with the pressure plate,
now separated by at least a few feet from the rolling chassis. If this prevents
the chassis from rolling, it would indeed qualify for THE strangest thing I've
ever seen on these cars.

Check the rear brakes and the axle. A quick check would be to lift one side of
the rear and, without removing anything, turn the tire (tyre?). If it turns, try
it again on the other side. If one side turns and the other doesn't, that's the
side that needs to be serviced. If both sides don't turn it could be rust on the
drums and removing them would free up the axle.

That being said, if it was submerged, it's very likely that there is ICE. Water
could get in any where the oil normall leaks out including the vents on both the
trans and axle. You need to determine if its the tranny or axle that is frozen
(as in ice). Disconnecting the driveshaft may give you the releif needed. We all
know that you should have disconnected the driveshaft anyway before attempting
to tow it out of the garage....right? If the ice is located at the rear axle, it
may be internal or external (as in the brake and drum area). Mylution would be a
kerosene torpedo heater shooting under the car to thaw the ice in the
mechanicals. Careful of the fuel in the tank!

Chuck Schaefer
56 MGA roadster
61 MGA coupe

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