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Re: '66 B won't roll

Subject: Re: '66 B won't roll
From: Robert Hill <>
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 23:14:15 -0600
You right - it SHOULD roll withthe engine out; however, being in th ecar hobby
for almost 25 years I have seen some odd things - but I agree that is why I
placed the wheel cylinders at number 1

Bob wrote:

> >I would suspect one of two things
> >
> >1) wheel cylinders froze
> >2) clutch/pressure plate froze
> >
> >my 71 would not roll and neither would my 63 at one time and on both cases
> >it was the clutch so I would consider that.  I don't recall if you said the
> >engine was out or not (I think you did) but what about the transmission?  If
> >it is the clutch, loosen the transmission and try to pry it loose using a
> >prying tool - be careful not to damage housing.
> If the engine is out, shouldn't it roll whether the clutch is stuck or not?

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