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RE: Long Drive, different country

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Subject: RE: Long Drive, different country
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Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 15:44:40 -0700
The Prescott Mile Hi British Club and the Arizona MG Club have a weekend here 
in Prescott, AZ (1 mile elev) May 15-16.
Saturday evening we have a cocktail (beer&wine) party at my place, followed by 
a dinner.  Sunday morning, there's a breakfast, followed by a run (haven't yet 
decided whether to make it a rally) over the mountain  to Jerome, AZ, 
commemorating the Ghost City Hill Climb of the '50's & '60's.  We have lunch in 
Jerome, a lovely old mining town clinging to the side of the mountain.

C'mon along!!


From:   Rob Bergstrom[]
Sent:   Friday, February 26, 1999 9:02 AM
Subject:        Long Drive, different country

Hello all,
   Don't submit (succumb?) to the list too often but when I do it's always 
worth it (I read it everyday, of course).  I'm planning a cross-country trip in 
the B for this spring from about mid-April to the end of May, starting from 
Maryland. I do have to be in California by mid-May, but for the most part I'll 
just be poking my way slowly across the country, seeing what I can see.  Which 
is where the list's collective expertise comes in.  I need to know about shows 
and rallies and such (when's that one in Dallas Dennis?).  Any other points of 
interest that you think I should check out, even if it's not particularly 
MG-related, would also be appreciated.  Let me know what some of your favorite 
back roads are. I'll be taking a southerly route for the trip out, maybe go 
more northern on the way back.  No OD, so the more backroads the better.  
   Any other advice would be appreciated as well.  I still have Mike Lishego's 
emergency parts list from hell saved ;) on my desktop so I have a pretty good 
idea of what I need there.  How was your 'long drive' across Australia, whoever 
that was (Eric?)?  Also, are there some emergency phone lists out there to be 
I'm pretty confident (most-likely over confident) in my ability to fix the car 
if it gets into trouble, but you never know.
Thanks in advance.

In search of a fine ride,
Rob B.
'74 B

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