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Re: Engine equalizer thingameebob

To: Perry Robinson <>
Subject: Re: Engine equalizer thingameebob
Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 10:30:07 -0700
Hi all,

Maybe I'm just cheap (okay, I am) but I've never felt the need for one of these
and I always install engines single-handed.  

With the rear end of the car up on ramps, and the engine hanging from a chain
attached to two sacrificial head studs with the two sides of the chain of equal
length, the engine and trans are at just the right angle to slide into the car
without tilting.  The only tricky part is the point where the trans needs to go
over the crossmember while the engine is trying to take the paint off of the
firewall.  For this, I put a scissors jack sideways under the trans and jack it
up enough to clear the crossmember.  Then, with a mighty heave on the engine
hoist, the trans goes over the crossmember and the scissors jack falls over.

I devised this method when I got tired of assorted males whining about getting
grease on their hands from having to push on the engine hoist while I'm under
the car struggling with the tranny.

Denise Thorpe
No bakeware was damaged in the typing of this message.

Perry Robinson wrote:
> Got a new Northern Equipment catalog yesterday.  They have what looks like a
> very nice one for $22.00!  And to those who have poo-pooed these things,
> don't knock 'em til you try them.  A person can put an engine in single
> handed, the first time, with one of these engine tilters-no more lift, try,
> lower, adjust, raise, try again, type effort.
> Perry

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