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Re: Engine equalizer thingameebob

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Subject: Re: Engine equalizer thingameebob
From: Larry Macy <>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 15:26:11 -0400
Weeeeellll, I just don't beleive you weren't sipping that beer at the 
same time. And sippin it out of a Spinich can at that.


(Somebody has WAAAYY TOOOO much time)

>       The last time I put in an MGB engine.  I picked up the engine
>assembly with one hand whilst installing the starter with the other.  Since
>my harbor frt pivot had it's handles fall off, I'm now using a piece of
>clothes line tied to a cat.  As I heave the engine over the front valence.
>(I've made the front shroud removable with Dzus fasteners) I kick the cat
>which puts enough strain on the clothes line to pivot the engine up and
>over.  Since the transmission then tends to smash the cat in the head, I can
>then kick the still warm body under the front wheels to stop the car from
>rolling backwards.  Meanwhile to the strains of Frank Zappa in the
>background, I light the det cord with the cigar that I always have clamped
>between my teeth.  The det cord acts to weld the diveshaft to the trans,
>thus reducing the likelyhood of driveline vibration.
>       Sit down, pop a Bud and bend some more baking pans.
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>> Subject: Re: Engine equalizer thingameebob
>> I tied a piece of clothes line to the tail on the tranny, put 
>> it through
>> the shifter hole.  I pull like a beast!
>> Last time I did it, I had a stationary frame with a chain hoist.  A
>> brick behind the front tire.
>> Cranked up the motor, pushed the car up ander the motor, as I dropped
>> the motor in, I'd pull the rope to keep the tranny tail centered, pull
>> the car by the wheel well, using my foot as a block until I could kick
>> the brick back under the wheel.  Quite a site!
>> Soon as I got ready to start bolting things down, my brother shows up
>> asking if I needed any help!!!
>> Tim

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