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Re: MGA Buying

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Subject: Re: MGA Buying
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 01:43:17 +1000

> read about it the more I realized that it is truly a slightly street
> wise race car.  The engine is apparently quite high strung.

What?!?!?! :)

No way! My A is as docile as my BGT in traffic, easier to drive (yes!), it
'feels' more nimble on it's feet and lighter in the steering. The gear throw
is shorter and nicer (if you can ignore no synchro on first). It's just as
reliable as my BGT and I will argue it's quicker through the gears than my
BGT. It definitely revs a lot better, maybe that is a benefit of the three
bearing crank - who knows, and more importantly the bore/stroke of the motor
compared to the 1800.

The thing that always freaks newbies out is how low the sides of the doors
are - ie I love to demonstrate picking virtual daisies on the side of the
curb without getting out of the car. <G> They get especially nervous when
some monster Toyota Landcruiser or Jeep pulls up along side us. lol! Eye to
eye with a roo-bar. <G> They even start to sweat a little when you tell them
the doors are aluminium... ;) Heheheheh. <G>

Matt - don't think the A is some kind of highly strung race car - it really
isn't. Go drive one! Even the Twin Cams can be made to behave properly with
a few simple mods and good maintenance. I'm sure Bill can comment on that
one.  IMHO I'd never buy a B over an A... unless... of course.. $$$ or I
wanted a daily driver. MGA's cost more to buy and a bit more to upkeep and
if you want a daily driver - their weather equipment is - err basic to say
the least. I try not to drive mine if it looks like rain, but the allure of
it tends to see me putting up the hood on the side of the freeway on the way
home at nights! I drive it to work and back 3-4 times a week and every day
on the weekend.The side curtains are a MPITA, not in the fitting of them but
seeing out of them when it rains!  I just bought a set of new
pads,discs,shoes,hoses etc for my 1600 MK1 and they would be a good hmmm 25%
more expensive than the equivalent B parts. .

Actually I hate MGAs. Hate Twin Cams. Wouldn't recommend anyone buy one...

Neil - anyone wanna swap a nice 1600 for a TwinCam? pppllleeaaasseee??? <G>

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