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Re: MGA Buying

Subject: Re: MGA Buying
From: Dave Quirt <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 22:42:27 -0600

Where in the world did you hear that the MGA engine is quite high
strung???  It is essentially the same engine as the one in an early MGB.
You can't use the A engine as an excuse to get a B. Try again :-)

Dave Q.
As and Bs

>From Matt Pringle: 
> <snip> However, I'm researching and looking to by my first MG, a B.  I'll 
>admit, I think the MGA is a much, much more beautiful car but the more I read 
>about it the more I realized that it is truly a slightly street wise race car. 
> The engine is apparently quite high strung.<
>So I made the decision to get a B, enjoy it, learn from it, make my mistakes 
>on it and then, when I've got enough coin stashed away, I'll buy and A and do 
>it right.<

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