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Re: MGA Buying

To: "Matt Pringle" <>
Subject: Re: MGA Buying
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 02:54:05 +1000

> which points to a number of points that apparantly can make the MGA
> engine fussy such as 9.9:1 compression, need for 100+ octane fuel, a
> tendency to burn pistons, a bored out block, long timing chain, etc.
> a little more finicky than say a B, especially for those of us who are
> just getting into the game.

No thats the Twin Cam data - Plain Vanilla MGA's came in 1489cc (1500MK1),
1588cc (1600Mk1) & 1622cc (1600Mk2) capacities in the Pushrod motors - BMC B
Series motor - it's the same motor as whats in the B, just with a different
bore & stroke. The three motors I mentioned are the most common and are
virtually identical to the 1798cc motor used in the early MGB. The
Compression ratio for those aforementioned motors are: 8.3:1, 8.3:1 & 8.9:1.
I run my MGA on standard leaded petrol like we get here in Australia, there
is no need for any special fuels. An MGB High Compression motor has a higher
compression ratio than all except for the Twin Cam and 1600Mk2. A HC MGB
runs at 8.8:1. BTW I have a 1600Mk1.

The MGA Twin Cam motor is an altogether different beast! There was only what
2500ish of those cars. If you find one it will cost 2-3 times the price of
an equivalent MGA 1500. I would say YES, a Twin Cam would not be a good
first choice (but god I want one <G>), but if you want some fun and not an
all weather daily driver rather a weekend car then go for the MGA,
especially if you like the way it looks - test drive an A and a B is what I
suggest. They are even more simple than an MGB and just as reliable. An MGB
is 'easier' to work on to a certain extent - ie there is a lot more space
under the bonnet - but frankly there isn't much space at all in any LBC. Of
course another factor in favour of the B is the oldest A can be up to 7
years older than the even the earliest MGB so that alone may bring up
reliability issues, especially if the car you're looking at is not in the
best of condition.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying overlook the B, not at all. Just letting
you know that a good MGA is just as reliable as any good MGB so that
shouldn't be a factor in your purchase.

..oh and don't they look hot don't they? <G>


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