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Re: MGA Buying

To: Neil Cotty <>
Subject: Re: MGA Buying
From: Matt Pringle <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 12:03:18 -0400
Among other spots I read this:

which points to a number of points that apparantly can make the MGA
engine fussy such as 9.9:1 compression, need for 100+ octane fuel, a
tendency to burn pistons, a bored out block, long timing chain, etc.

Neil, I love the MGA, it looks like a better car in most respect, but my
point was that in doing some homework, the MGA engine might prove to be
a little more finicky than say a B, especially for those of us who are
just getting into the game.


Neil Cotty wrote:
> Matt,
> > read about it the more I realized that it is truly a slightly street
> > wise race car.  The engine is apparently quite high strung.
> What?!?!?! :)
> No way! My A is as docile as my BGT in traffic, easier to drive (yes!), it
> 'feels' more nimble on it's feet and lighter in the steering. The gear throw
> is shorter and nicer (if you can ignore no synchro on first). It's just as
> reliable as my BGT and I will argue it's quicker through the gears than my
> BGT. It definitely revs a lot better, maybe that is a benefit of the three
> bearing crank - who knows, and more importantly the bore/stroke of the motor
> compared to the 1800.
> The thing that always freaks newbies out is how low the sides of the doors
> are - ie I love to demonstrate picking virtual daisies on the side of the
> curb without getting out of the car. <G> They get especially nervous when
> some monster Toyota Landcruiser or Jeep pulls up along side us. lol! Eye to
> eye with a roo-bar. <G> They even start to sweat a little when you tell them
> the doors are aluminium... ;) Heheheheh. <G>
> Matt - don't think the A is some kind of highly strung race car - it really
> isn't. Go drive one! Even the Twin Cams can be made to behave properly with
> a few simple mods and good maintenance. I'm sure Bill can comment on that
> one.  IMHO I'd never buy a B over an A... unless... of course.. $$$ or I
> wanted a daily driver. MGA's cost more to buy and a bit more to upkeep and
> if you want a daily driver - their weather equipment is - err basic to say
> the least. I try not to drive mine if it looks like rain, but the allure of
> it tends to see me putting up the hood on the side of the freeway on the way
> home at nights! I drive it to work and back 3-4 times a week and every day
> on the weekend.The side curtains are a MPITA, not in the fitting of them but
> seeing out of them when it rains!  I just bought a set of new
> pads,discs,shoes,hoses etc for my 1600 MK1 and they would be a good hmmm 25%
> more expensive than the equivalent B parts. .
> Actually I hate MGAs. Hate Twin Cams. Wouldn't recommend anyone buy one...
> LEAVE 'EM ALL TO ME!!! :))
> Cheers,
> Neil - anyone wanna swap a nice 1600 for a TwinCam? pppllleeaaasseee??? <G>

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