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Subject: Carlisle
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 22:15:55 EDT
I feel guilty not having mentioned earlier what a spectacular weekend
this years Carlisle was - great weather, great show and excellent
I hooked up with David D for the ride downon friday and arrived mid
Dr  Doug had managed to find the right day this week !
Friday night is heifer night in Carlisle - it never ceases to amaze me
but why is it that line-dancing only appeals to people over 300lbs! -
Rods Roadhouse has become a bit of a friday tradition and it doesnt
change much! - Scott Hower did remarkably well under the barrage of
criticism of his car! (wrong door trims! dings all over! hehe) and i
think Jack Feldman who had made a sterling trip from Chicago was truly
sorry he had said he wanted to meet us all!!
Saturday was a great day - huge attendance, mustve been a thousand cars
between the show field and the kindergarden (all those18 year olds with
polished hondas and geos with huge sound systems and the like -) 
Lots of listers around as others have mentioned and it was nice to see a
few old faces, not to mention all the new ones - for me the high point of
this show is the people who go there - even the silly asses who try to
sell rotted out ferraris for 45000!

Larry M scored a fine set of chrome wires for his midget - and when i saw
Gary, the guy he bought them from that evening it was obviously the
biggest sale of HIS show..... But not the high point of Mr Macys
I cant believe he hasnt mentioned it yet but the dumb-ugly-SOB won the
bloody car in the raffle!!! The programme said it was worth 24 grand!!
c'mon Larry - fess up - how are you gonna look in an ersatz ferrari!!
There has been a couple of mentions of Cheyenne  Wyoming in reference to
the weekend - suffice it to say that if a certain V8 driver ever wins a
prize it will be for chat-up lines like "you have beautiful eyes..... and
you know how to use them" (oh God..... it  took a while to eradicate that
one! - fortunately David and I were up to the task!!) there is NO MG club
in Wyoming - anyone want to help me start one?? hehe
For those of you who havnt been to Carlisle - try and make it next year -
it really is worth the effort!!

mike robson
69 roadster (about one more weekend from being show ready!)
70 BGT (clutch challenged)
53 Riley (didnt see a single riley part at carlisle!!)

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