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Re: Carlisle

Subject: Re: Carlisle
From: Scott Hower <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 08:44:05 -0700 (PDT)

--- wrote:
> I feel guilty not having mentioned earlier what a
> spectacular weekend this years Carlisle was

  Agreed!  Sorry to have missed the Sat. reunion.

> Friday night is heifer night in Carlisle - it never
> ceases to amaze me but why is it that line-dancing
> only appeals to people over 300lbs! -

  EVERY night is heifer night in Carlisle (VBG).
  To be fair, there was only one true 300lber, but
  several tipped the scales at 200+. 
> Scott Hower did remarkably well under the barrage of
> criticism of his car! (wrong door trims! dings all
> over! hehe) 

  Hmm.. I suppose 'Ding' is a relative term. If my
  car had 'dings' then David D's had craters.   #;)
> I cant believe he hasnt mentioned it yet but the
> dumb-ugly-SOB-(Macy) won the
> bloody car in the raffle!!! The programme said it
> was worth 24 grand!!
> c'mon Larry - fess up - how are you gonna look in an
> ersatz ferrari!!

  Way to go Larry!  
> the weekend - suffice it to say that if a certain V8
> driver ever wins a prize it will be for chat-up 
> lines like "you have beautiful eyes..... and
> you know how to use them"

  That could only be Ian <buy my struts!> Pender.  
  Must have been a popular pick-up line in the 40's. 
> For those of you who havnt been to Carlisle - try
> and make it next year - it really is worth the 
> effort!!

  Forget the show, it's  the copious menu selections
  at Rod's<Home of the Heiffer>Roadhouse that draw
  me back each year!
 (who is kicking himself for not picking up those
  Cibie E-codes he found $35/pr)
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