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Subject: Carlisle
From: Nory P <>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 11:21:38 -0700 (PDT)

First chance I had to write about Carlisle this year -
Had a great time! I don't know how I mananged to miss
all the listers, but I never saw anther Toby shirt or
MG list hat all day Saturday. I did run into a few
guys from our local club, and we were in the vicinity
of the grandstand at noon, but still no listers - just
apparently "ordinary" people. 

I didn't do much wandering around the car show area
(was with a friend who wasn't feeling well, so we kept
the walking to a minimum), so I didn't see too many of
the show cars. Did get a chance to drool over the
Cobras though, especially this gorgeous black one that
I never saw on the show field, but was briefly parked
at the end of the grandstand (and drove through the
Travelodge parking lot Friday night), where I took a
picture of it. Think I might enlarge that one to
poster size; it would look great hanging in my new
garage (would look even better PARKED in my garage). 

Didn't buy a lot of parts... A set of air cleaners off
somebodys $1 table (rusty, but salvageable), an out of
print Spridget book I didn't have, and another book
that I'd been wanting but was too cheap to pay full
price for (got it for half price!). I spotted a
fiberglas hood for a Spridget that looked like a cross
between a Cobra and a Ferrari front end, but the guy
wanted $200 for it. After thinking about it all day, I
went back around 5:00, prepared to haggle with the
guy, but it was already gone. Did anybody on the list
buy it? 

Didn't stay to see Larry win the car (left Sunday
morning), but I sure wish I had. Congrats Larry! I
can't believe it's worth $24,000 either. I'll give you
$5000 for it and I'll give it a good home :)   Too bad
you couldn't get that nice MGB they had up there, but
I guess that's next year's prize. 
We discovered a great LBC road on the way there too.
We took 144 from I-80 in Snowshoe, PA down to 322 in
Potters Mills. The middle stretch of that run, from
about Belfonte to Centre Hall, I believe, is just
wonderful! Great scenery, lots of twisties... was
great fun in the truck, but would have been heaven in
an LBC. The whole route is fairly pleasant anyway,
with the small towns and the mountains. I'm going to
have to take the Midget down there for a ride
sometime. If any of you are lucky enough to live near
this road, and have never driven your LBC on it, you
really must give it a go. You'll never want to go
home. I know I didn't.

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