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Re: seatbelt recall

To: Bob Howard <>
Subject: Re: seatbelt recall
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 22:16:27 -0400
Hi all,

With all this talk of replacing seatbelts, it reminds me that my project '67 B
doesn't have belts.  The seatbelts in my daily driver '67 B have flapper belt
buckles with a shield with the BMC logo on top.  They're held to the body with
two hooks that cross to form a loop where they go through the seatbelt
attachment to the body.  I would like to put these same belts in my project B
(and the two 1100's :-)).

If you have removed belts like this from your car, would you sell them to me? 
The condition of the webbing doesn't matter because I can easily replace it.

Denise Thorpe
BTW, I have two '67 B's just in case one gets run over by an SUV ;-).

BTW2, I'm travelling on business and driving a rented Chevy Something-big
(Malibu?) and every once in a while I go to lean into a turn and the shoulder
belt won't let me!  It really puts a crimp into tossing (wallowing?) this whale
around corners.

> And, yes, they
> have been replaced since, as I do believe that 20+ year old webbing has
> lost much of its strength.
> Bob

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