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RE: British Car Week

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Subject: RE: British Car Week
From: Phil Vanner <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 09:56:38 -0500
I drive my car to work regularly anyway, but for BCW I have made a point of 
"running errands" during lunch. Weather has been perfect except Sunday.

I passed Simon Bosworth once (he's been quiet lately.) I don't see him 
everyday, but he drives his BGT around Minneapolis all the time.

I saw a nice TR6 that I've ever seen before, on my lunch run yesterday. He 

I pass a Morris Minor everyday that is registered for the road, but either 
sees very little use, or gets parked back in the exact same place every 
time. The guy that owns it has all sorts of toys.

Other than that it's the Morris Minor I see everyday at the "Geek Squad" 
headquarters. (Geek Squad is a computer repair/networking company locally 
that  uses offbeat classics done up in pseudo-police livery to dispatch 
technicians for on-site repairs.)

Nothing else British except urban explorers in  Range Rovers and 
real-estate agents in Jags.

Phil Vanner
Mk1 Midget

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