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Re: British car week

Subject: Re: British car week
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 16:29:06 -0700

Hmmm -- I see a trend here, I too live in San Jose, and also drive a rather
grungy B (greasy fingerprints all over the fenders, but running), and have not
seen any As, Bs, or other british cars, on my daily trip down to south san jose,
or perhaps I was just too distracted by the noises coming from my tail pipe...

consider yourselves waved to!!


thomas wrote:
sounds familiar.  i live in san jose, ca and run back and forth between
there and mountain view.  maybe i've run into the same healey you have, but
i haven't seen your mga (wrong side of the bay, of course) or any other
mg's out there.  there i am, in my shamefully unwashed B (dusty, but on the
road, at least), and almost no one to wave to.

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