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RE: British car week

To: <>
Subject: RE: British car week
From: "Andrew Errington" <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 14:51:56 -0700
> Here in Fremont (SF Bay area), I have hardly seen any other British Cars
> this week. I spotted an Austin Healey earlier on and today I
> spotted a brand
> new S-class Jag (but I don't think that really counts). Other
> than that, I
> have seen nothing while continuing to drive my MGA to work every day.

Hey!  I live in Milpitas, and get on 880S at Dixon Landing Road every
morning at about 0930.  You're obviously not looking hard enough.  In the
week I have been back I saw a red MGB in Mountain View, a green GT in the
car park of Santa Clara Convention Centre, and a white GT with a bashed in
rear (and split bumpers) heading off 880S onto 237W.

Watch out for me, white '69 MGB with chrome wires and luggage rack.
Currently with the top up due to needing to store extra luggage on the back


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