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British Car Week

Subject: British Car Week
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 00:12:02 -0700
Well the week is just about up and as usual I haven't seen any British
Cars on the road all week long (except for Range Rovers and Jags of
course oh yes, and the Red British Double Decker Busses used by the
tourist companies in NYC).  I drive MY 74 BGT every day year round and
very rarely do I ever see any LBC's.  I drive about 20 Miles each way to
the Park N Ride and then take a bus 55 miles into NYC - and even on the
55 miles ride into the city I didnt see any LBCs.

Getting ready for a trip to Ottawa on Thursday - will be at the BY Ward
Market car show on Sunday Next! I may also be at the M&M's show this
coming Monday Memorial Day in Hackettstown, NJ. Show is held on the
grounds of the M&M's factory HMMMMMM good!


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