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Re: Top (Hood) Ideas, please

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Subject: Re: Top (Hood) Ideas, please
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 12:46:11 -0500
Even easier is to buy the little self-stick velcro patches and put them in
there along the flap intended to keep the bow in place to keep rear bow from
falling down -- use superglue on the patches if the self-adhisive doesn't
hold. That's what I did (I used about 5 velcro points along the length of
the "loop") -- works like a charm and it's not permanent, visible nor will
it cause holes in the top.

73 B
>Secondly, the rear bow may be intended to be have the top glued to it, but
>that makes life even more difficult than owning an LBC should be. Naturally
>if not glued, the bow will release when you are driving fast and the top
>balloons. The solution is to put two snaps in the bar, and two snaps on the
>top. The first try ripped out, but I took it to a trim shop who reinforced
>the part of the top that should have been glued, and re installed the
>Works fine up to at least 90mph. Next long trip it may work fine at 100

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