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re:Oh no not again

Subject: re:Oh no not again
From: Calvin Krug <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 16:26:35 -0600
This is exactly why I painted my '79 Snapdragon yellow, installed a pair of
Hella 70 watt horns, and a Monza exhaust.  I'm instaling a Weber carb too,
in case they neither see me nor hear me, I can still get out of the way.


>Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 11:15:25 -0400
>From: "Jason Dutt" <>
>Subject: RE: Oh No Not Again

>I also drive with my lights on, but people still tend to miss the little
>blue car.  The general rule with LBC's, in my experience, is DRIVE
>DEFENSIVELY, and give people LOTS OF ROOM.  People are ignorant on the road
>as it is, and it's even worse when your car isn't as big as a boat.  I can't
>imagine how people stay alive on motorcycles.  As annoying as it is, I can
>see why "Loud pipes save lives."
>Best Regards,

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