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re:Oh no not again

Subject: re:Oh no not again
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 11:28:17 +1000

This is exactly why I painted my '79 Snapdragon yellow, installed a pair of
Hella 70 watt horns, and a Monza exhaust.  I'm instaling a Weber carb too,
in case they neither see me nor hear me, I can still get out of the way.



Doesn't always work.  If I went faster just more damage, maybe even some to me.
Also my exhaust has a small hole and is creating quite a noise at the moment,
this one is down to stupidity.  This guy came out of a laneway with buildings
either side so I coundn't see him, across two lanes of traffic and blocked
mine.......  I.E. and absolute moron.

64 B (Getting it back tomorow.  WOO HOOOOOO.......)

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