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Re: MGB wiring diagrams

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Subject: Re: MGB wiring diagrams
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Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 16:43:14 -0700
even stranger on the 77 is a run of the mill microswitch mounted on a
factory bracket on top of the trans, (near the center) this was tripped by
the shifter rail being in 2nd and 4th ? anyway when the rail was fully
forward This is in addition to the standard back up light switch and the
identical tca ? switch that allowed the vacuum advance to work when it was
in 4th.

when I was hauling my 77 transmission outside for someone to pick up I
noticed it. this was a factory installation, there were two small flimsy
wires, speaker type, going from the switch to inside the car from the top.
the microswitch was covered under a layer of dirt, I didn't see it at first,
it was not the type that would handle dirt and water well at all. I think
that this was a total of 3 switches. my overdrive trans did not have this
small microswitch. I have no idea what it could of been doing. I traced the
wires to some connectors under the carpet on the passenger side.

my 77 did not have the second relay, it may of been popular to chop it out
at the time since the job was very sloppy, the tape was falling off etc. it
did look like something had been installed there at one time. the small
relay wire, or what would of been the relay coil wire, was sort of crimped
and wrapped around the thick wire supplying current to the fans, funny the
ignition switch was sort of melted too uh duh, gee do you think the ignition
switch can handle the current of 2 fan motors ? maybe not. I put a bosch
$2.00 relay in, works fine. well actually when I did that the motor would
not shut off due to 8+ volts coming out of the Lucas alternator indicator
light circuit, so maybe the cure in 77 was to chop out the relay , creating
some kind of load , hard to say.

lots of strange wiring in the car tho, very x-file, now it has a 90 amp
bosch alternator.


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> Bill-
> Correct, it is shown on the 1978 & later. As I said, the '77 is a bastard
> year. My '77 did not have a second relay, only the starter solinoid relay
> the fender. The '78 I just purchased has 2 relays, an ignition switch
> added by the factory as a result of the additional load of the cooling
fans, &
> the starter solinoid relay. Both are black plastic canister types.
> Jim Stuart
> Penny & Bill Meyer wrote:
> > That diagram in the Bentley does not have the relay located forward of
> > fuse box on the inner fender.  Haynes does.  I am speaking of the N.
> > American '77 B.
> >
> > Bill

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