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Re: Speeding Tickets

To: j r overcash <>
Subject: Re: Speeding Tickets
From: Pat bailey <>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 09:44:11 -0700

j r overcash wrote:

> Thats a good one!!  But seriously why is it the law enforcement officers
> almost always drive in excess of the speed limit on the highway. They can't
> always be going to an emergency.  You would think they should set the
> example....

Good question!! Also why don't they wear their seatbelts?WE are required to
wear them I got a ticket on a city street by a HIGHWAY patrolman who IMO should
be patroling the HIGHWAYS ( where people are SPEEDING!!!!) while I was working
I told him I was only going a couple of blocks and I get in and out of my truck
50 times a day but it didn't matter "the law's the law"But then I notice
Kern Co sheriffs running around unbuckled.Can I put a citizen's arrest on one
of them heh heh?

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