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Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!

Subject: Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 09:21:19 EST
I have been debating whether to voice this on the list but it is still 
gnawing at me so hear goes.  I bought a carpet kit from the roadster factory 
at the Twist party back in August for my 78 B with tan and black interior.  
They had one in stock at the store and was listed as being correct for my 
car.  I paid with a credit card at the party and they promptly sent me the 
kit.  Upon arrival I opened it an immediately discovered it was wrong.  My 
guess it is for a much earlier B. I called and notified RF that I was 
returning it.  No Problem they said, credit will be issued upon arrival.
My credit card statement came, the charge hit in September.  The October 
statement came, no credit posted yet.  I call RF and speak with Joanie, no 
problem she says I am on schedule for the refund.  My November card statement 
arrives still no credit.  I call RF again, speak with Joanie again, she says 
speak with John Swagger, I speak with John and he says I am inline for the 
credit, and these things take time.  When asked he could not even tell me 
when a credit would be issued.  It has been 12 weeks and upon further 
quizzing John final said I'd be issued a refund on Dec 16,
I am no credit card transaction expert but something is wrong here.  Because 
I did not dispute the charge immediately (I'm a trusting soul) I have paid 
interest on the price for two months plus the shipping charges to return the 
kit.  Money is not everything but what really gets me is the total lack on 
desire from John Swagger to keep a customer happy.  
I noticed in their Christmas Idea Book they are searching for investors to 
raise capital.  After investing 300 bucks for a carpet kit with them and 
getting nothing in return but the run around I'd be hard pressed to invest 2 
hundred grand! And if asked by a potential investors I'd steer them to an 
internet start up.

I have dealt with Moss a many occasions and the Roadster Factory a few time.  
But after this adventure with RF, I've installed Moss's number on my speed 

Can't do two hundred grand but hear my 2 cents worth!

I feel better now.

Steve Petrosky
58a, 78b


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