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RE: Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!

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Subject: RE: Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!
From: "Gordon Bird" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 12:21:37 -0500
I guess everything is relative.  I find the parts for my MG, regardless of
where they come from, to be very reasonable in price, but then I have been
comparing them to a 86 Audi 4000 quattro.  Want expensive, try *any* source
for an Audi, then add more $$$ when you add the word quattro!  I drive my MG
more than my Audi (cept when the snow flies)not only cuz it is more fun, but
because I can afford tofix it if it breaks.

**>I tend to aggree with Kai.I used to just be concerned about
**>price and nothing
**>and then I started to look at the big picture with companies
**>like TRF and
**>began to
**>realize that without these companies our hobbie would be very
**>difficult and
**>boring as
**>well.Kai is also correct in that your parts orders are not
**>subsidising the
**>Coventry Inn.
**>It is members of Charles club that do that.
**>        Brian Ichter
**>        West Chester,Pa
**>        74 TR6

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