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RE: Original MGB costs through the years...?

Subject: RE: Original MGB costs through the years...?
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 09:09:42 -0800
I remember sitting in a Limited Edition MGB at a dealership in Boulder Co.
I was waiting for the warranty replacement of my Austin Marina fuel tank.
The sticker on the window was almost $10,000.  I could not comprehend how
they could ask that much for a strangled, jacked up ghost of the earlier

It kind of felt good to drive off in my 74 Austin Marina, that I bought for
$2500 with 10,000 miles on it.  The Marina got me through college and into
many a TSD rally.  Very good value for money for a kid who lusted after
British cars, but needed a winterized, load carrying vehicle.  My Fender
Rhodes piano could be maneuvered into the back seat with a bit of grunting.


> I went through my MG file and found my original invoice from 
> Clarke Sales Co, 
> a BLM dealer (and Toyota) in Havelock, NC dated SEpt 17, 71.:
> new 1971 MG B  GT  Coupe  $3773.00   delivered price plus 2% sales tax
> serial #, commission #, motor #, and key # are also shown and 
> all match the 
> car I drive to this day.
> Based on inflation the $3773 is probably around $18 grand 
> today.  But what 
> compicates the math is the exchange rate variable from pounds 
> to bucks.
> Mel Frank
> 1971 mgb gt

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