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Re: Solenoid installation

To: "Jon Lind" <>, "MGS (E-mail)" <>
Subject: Re: Solenoid installation
From: "Peter C." <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 11:19:55 -0600
The solenoid, when energised, pulls the plunger back toward the electrical
connections where it will complete that circuit causing the starter to
spin. At the same time, the other end of the plunger is hooked onto a lever
which when pulled back will thrust the drive teeth to engage the flywheel
        I suspect that you did not get the plunger hooked to the lever, so that
only the electrical connection being made but the lever is not being pulled
back. You'd do well to remove the entire starter and do this work on the bench.
        HTH   Peter C.
        (by the way, posting the year and model helps)
At 10:50 AM 12/9/1999 , Jon Lind wrote:
>I've had a bit of a nightmare trying to get my wiring harness back in shape,
>but to make a long story short, I knocked the tab for the starter relay
>circuit off my solenoid, removed the solenoid to resolder the tab, bolted
>the solenoid back on, and now it will spin, but doesn't engage the engine.
>My Haynes manual doesn't seem to mention solenoid removal and installation.
>All I did was (basically) cram the solenoid back up there and bolt it down.
>What technique should I have used to get the solenoid's slider in place and
>engaged properly?

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