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Re: Solenoid installation

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Subject: Re: Solenoid installation
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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 17:00:20 -0000
None of the brown wires should be fused, therefore taking fuses out should
not make any difference to whether a particular brown has 12v on it or not.
However, where two brown wires each have their own female connector plugged
on to seperate spades at the brown 'terminal' of the fuse block, then if any
one or more of the connectors are corroded the 12v will not find its way
from the one brown to the other.  If the 'supply' brown is the one that is
corroded then the purple circuit will not work either.


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Subject: RE: Solenoid installation

> Turns out that one brown wire supplies power to the fuse panel while
> is joined to that supply wire there.  I had broken out the fuses to
> fuses so that second brown wire was getting no power.
> Silly me--I expected consistency in a Lucas wiring harness.

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