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Re: Hand Brake

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Subject: Re: Hand Brake
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 16:44:42 +0100
Check all the linkages are free and that the shoes (!) can be moved easily
when pulling on the lever that sticks out of the back of the brake-drums by
hand.  Also check orientation of the shoes, the manual shows the rear shoe
with the empty space on the backing plate at the bottom and the front shoe
with it at the top.  Personally I apply a very thin smear of grease to all
the metal-to-metal surfaces in the rear brakes to aid operation and on the
front to control squeal.  I can roll the roadster down the slight slope of
my drive and lock the rear wheels by leaning in and pulling on the
handbrake.  The GT isn't quite as effective but still holds well.


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Subject: Hand Brake

> Got  new rear brake pads, new hand brake cable, put on by a
> professional mech and still no handbrake holding power on my hill.
> Readjusted and still no holding power.  Any suggestions?  The mech
> said he is afraid to adjust up to much, it may make the rear brakes
> drag.
> Mike R

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