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Re: Pertronix Ignitor failure

Subject: Re: Pertronix Ignitor failure
From: "Jeffrey H. Boatright" <>
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 18:14:45 -0700

Again, thanks for the input. I've read good things about the better 
Lumenition system, especially the adjustable one (a concept I have 
trouble getting my mind around). For practicality, I'm going back to 
points and condensor. Funny thing: since I have two distributors (a 
good 23D and a useable but wombly 25D), I thought I'd spend some time 
today setting up both so that I have a complete back-up system for 
the boot. So far, one out of three points (! not condensors) is bad. 
Weird. Tested all components in both dizzies.


>I don't actually do a lot of mileage so it is hard to evaluate the failure
>rate on what I use.  The system is based on what was originally the OE
>electronic system for the late model (tranverse) A& A+ engines which is Lucas
>inductor set-up.  Lucas/BL stayed with the system for a number of years using
>different design of pick ups (a replacement for the early type is 40 so for
>the present I have decided not to keep a spare).  I have the early design of
>pickup with an aftermarket amplifier pack (the first amplifier pack
>)aftermarket not Lucas) did eventually die).
>The current thinking from my Dyno guy is that the expensive optical kit from
>Lumenition is the one to go for but says the cheaper kit from the same
>manufacturer is crap!  I have stayed with what I have but if I had to swap I
>think I would go for the expensive Lumenition.
>What folk don't realise about the petronix is that is is not far removed from
>the Lucas Opus stuff that USA spec MGs had and which never proved reliable.
>I think you mentioned 20K mileage on a unit - possibly that is the life of
>the unit?
>Speaking to a variety of people I get a consensus that electronic ignition is
>not that amazing and to quote David Anton of APT - they are all pretty much
>'smoke boxes'.
>Crane stuff was available in the UK for a while but seems to have disappeared
>now, MSD stuff is geared to the import V8 market.


Jeff Boatright                __o\___             '65 Sprite

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