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Maintaining the Breed, a dilema (long)

Subject: Maintaining the Breed, a dilema (long)
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 15:40:17 -0500
I have just returned from the NEMGTR Natter (our annual business meeting)

One of our regional clubs raised a serious issue that affects T types now,
perhaps MGA's and sooner or later MGBs.

Our club was originally founded in 1965 with the purpose of "Preserving" Mg
T types and pre 1955 MGs.

Over the years, the club has always encouraged both restorations and
driving the cars.  Since the beginning there was always the controversy
over trailered cars, and although many members frowned on "trailer Queens"
we have never separated or discriminated against them at our car shows
where winners are chosen by popular vote. Thus if you prefer a driven TF to
a trailered one, you vote the way you feel. I am sure this question has
been raised and resolved one way or another by all MG clubs.

The problem that has recently arisen is the degree of modification that is
taking place . On the side of driving the cars, better lights (directionals
for TCs) and safety features (seat belts) have always been encouraged. But
as the high speed highways with 65mph+ speeds become the norm our little
TDs doing 55mph at 4000+ rpm becomes a problem

The first and most common mod was to put in an MGA rear axle ratio. This
greatly improved and lowered the rpms so the car could cruise at 65.This
unfortunately lowered performance around town in the lower gears.

 Lately ,the popular mod is to install a Datsun 5 speed transmission. It
gives the TD driver the best of both worlds. Another common mod to TCs is
to install a Datsun steering box to replace the prehistoric Bishops cam. 

Now the problem is what to sanction at meets if we are to take a stand at
all. (We never sanctioned T types with Volvo engines which were a common
mod in the 50s) On the one hand the cars are moving away from what was
original and loosing their personalities. Yet these mods greatly improve
the driveability and encourage the use of them. I have seen TDs with 5
speeds and front disc brakes. Are we Preserving the breed when we ignore
these modifications? Who decides what is ok and who enforces the rules.

 This is not any easy subject, but I would appreciate sensible discussion
of the problem from anyone on the list. 


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