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Re: Maintaining the Breed, a dilema (long)

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Subject: Re: Maintaining the Breed, a dilema (long)
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 22:32:21 -0500
>NOT know the WAY WRONG motor??
>Gimme a freaking break!!  "IF" the owner has no clue THEN he don't belong
>anywhere but at a FREAK show.

You would be surprised. People are like myself who bought a T type 25 years
ago when I  knew nothing about them. I bought a TD because I liked the way
it looked. I learned later on. Look how many people on this list who have
no idea who Cecil Kimber was!

>Mike L. has the nail HIT ON THE HEAD almost.  If he would explain from where
>he is coming from;
>might make a LOT more sense to you folks.  And Mike, you KNOW I am about to
>JUMP (with both feet)
>on this subject!!!<G>

I am not sure where I am coming from. These modifications , while not my
cup of tea, never bothered me, until this recent meeting. I then began to
consider the very long term affects . Before the mods were really minor,
but  Datsun steering boxes ,   5 speeds, tube shocks, disc brakes, stereos,
etc are really beginning to change every aspect of these cars. There is
something of a time warp when you drive a non modified car, that is being
lost and perhaps lost forever. My PA without sincros is more fun to drive
than a 5 speed. This has not been about car shows and trailer queens. Its
been about Maintaining the Breed for the future.

Thanks again for your thoughts

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