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Re: Maintaining the Breed, a dilema (long)

Subject: Re: Maintaining the Breed, a dilema (long)
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 22:40:21 -0500
At 10:06 PM 02/04/2001 EST, wrote:  
> I have thought for several years that there should be two classes of 
> voting.   
> The popular vote has always been the norm at GoF West, and it can 
> sometimes   
> r 
> I would like to see another round of judging, similar to a concourse 
> event,   
> where a team of 4-5 expert judges look at the cars for originality, 
> quality,   
> presentation, etc., and perhaps considering whether the car was   
> professionally restored or done by the owner, and whether it was 
> driven (or   
> at least is driven rather than sitting around waiting for shows) or 
> trailered.  
Thanks Larry.  

Larry as the post I just sent says, its not the car shows in itself or 
the judging. It is how to pusuade and or limit the modifications to cars
that are somewhat rare and traditional, without making the cars museum 
pieces. The neat things about these cars are that they are fun to drive.
I have driven an unmodified TF coast to coast to coast (7500 miles in 19
days)  If I had a 5 speed, it would have been easier. Many cars that 
made the trip with me had MGA rears (I always beat them up the 
mountains, they sailed by me on the level straight aways)  

Ideally. in 50 years someone should get my car and know what driving a 
1954 sportscar was really like, not with 5 speed and disc brakes. (yet 
even I must admit I have radial tires) I think you get the point.  

Let everybody get away from car shows, and discuss the issue of 

Dick Knudson told me a funny story , somewhat on point. Many members of 
the NEMGTR have suggested a seperate category of judging restorations by
the owner versus the checkbook kind. (Laurie will like this story) 
Anyway the member pointed to his car and noted he did everything himself
and he should not have to compete with the guy who dropped off his car 
and picked it up 6mos and $35,000 later.  Dick replied with a question 
,where did this guy keep his cows? What do you mean asked the member? 
Well certainly, you made your own hides and upolstery. (And I am sure 
his plating factory in his basement was fun for the whole family.) He 
got the point.  

You get the point, definition is impossible.  


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