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Re: Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?

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Subject: Re: Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?
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Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 09:53:22 +0930
> So am I just overthinking this whole thing? Does anyone else lay in bed
> night thinking of their MGB to the point of insomnia?


You are spot on about the quality of scans on the internet. Mine are an
example - my car is a different colour in every picture I've posted. Go to
a couple of MG meets and look at the things in real life.

Also, some colours are affected badly by the amount of trim on your car.
Some MGs look dreadful, but the same colour, with a bit more chrome, looks
great. The black bumper and the chrome luggage rack on mine go perfectly
with the darkish, glowing red of the beast. That same colour could (now
saying will) look dreadful on a chrome bumper car.

Why is my car red? She who paid for the thing wanted red. I wanted BRG. In
the end, the car we fell in love with first was red...dammit.

Colours. I'm not a purist, so I'm probably about to step on some toes here

Go down to the bloke who's going to paint it, or the bloke supplying the
paint if you're doing yourself, and have a chat with him. Choose the best
paint for the job, then choose the best colour from that range. To hell
with whether MG ever did it that way or not. Cars coming out of that
factory varied so much that getting squiffy about originality can get a bit
ludicrous anyway. The interior trim colour is then dictated by the
external, unless you have a definite preference.

At the end of the day, you want to be able to step into a car park, see
your car in the distance, and have this huge swelling occur in your chest,
just before the tears of pride mist out the view.


         Anne and Richard Spurling

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