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Re: She's baa-aaak

Subject: Re: She's baa-aaak
From: Carl W French <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 22:14:03 -0400
At 09:06 PM 6/23/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Nah, don't need a C or a race car.  Hey!  It's good to hear from you 
>again!  Sooo...what's wrong with Boston?  Back when I was in San Diego, 
>all of the most interesting people on the list were in the Northeast.  So 
>now I want to meet everybody.  Do you ever go to MG events somewhere 
>between where you are and I am?  If you want, call me: 781 925-0499 or 
>cell: 617 835-4035.  Color?  ;-)

We started (sort of) a tradition of unscheduled get togethers of listers in 
the coastal New England area. Bud, Frank K, myself  and a few others did it 
only once when a lister came over from Holland (Hans Duinhoven). We have 
been looking to do it again since then again but have been foiled so far. 
Our club does a lobster bake in August just over the state line. Good meal, 
cheap eats, nice cars.
Any one out there want to do a Hans fest (sorry Hans about the schedule 
probs this time)?
Maybe I will drop you a dime soon to say hi and let you know of the MG 
resources in the area.
Carl French

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