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RE: Which Top Header Rail?

To:, "Patton Dickson" <>
Subject: RE: Which Top Header Rail?
From: "Denise Thorpe" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 22:56:59 -0500
Patton Dickson asked:

> One is gray (which matches the top bows) and the other is black (which I 
> thought means later) The black one has the plugs in place as if it was 
> meant for a stow away top.  The gray one does not have these blockers. 
> latches came to me in a bag, and they two are different, one set is 
> chromed, one looks like brushed metal.

Here's the scoop as I see it.  The early cars had grey header rails and
frames and chrome latches.  After '67, the latches were aluminum, but I'm
not sure when the header rails and frames turned black.  The confusion in
this comes from the fact that both types of tops--stowaway and fold
down--were available all years.  I have three '67 B's and two came with the
grey stowaway frame, and thus, the grey header rails with the plugs in the
threaded holes.  The third '67 B came with the early fold down grey frame
with the grey header rail bolted to it and with chrome latches.  The
stowaway top was standard through '67, but the fold down top was an option.
After '67, the fold down top was standard, but the stowaway top was an

If you decide to use the fold down top, be aware that the early fold down
frame is different from the later fold down frame and requires a different
ragtop, but a matching set of frame and top will work on any year of car.  

Does that clear anything up? ;-)


--- Denise Thorpe
--- xyzabcde@earth

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