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RE: Spin on oil filter replacement...

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Subject: RE: Spin on oil filter replacement...
From: "Wil Boucher" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 21:19:00 -0700
Thanks EVERYONE for the help and recommendations...

Oil had been changed and a new filter installed.

I went with the Napa Gold 1068, but oddly enough, here in Canada the
"gold" line isn't available, but is called a Napa 51068 (it's the same
Wix filter according to the dude at the napa store.)


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> Subject: Spin on oil filter replacement...
> Hi everyone.
> Looking for a recommendation for an oil filter,
> I have a spin on adapter on the car, (1969MGB) with the filter on the
> top.
> It is time to change my oil and filter. Should I stick with the filter
> that I get from moss (which has no marking on it at all.) or would I
> able to get a better one (or equal local/cheaper) from say FRAM, or
> or someone else at my local Canadian Tire. If so, (because the one I
> from moss has no markings on it) what part number (for say FRAM, or
> whichever you suggest) would I need to get to fit the spin on adapter?
> Thanks,
> Wil.

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