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1969 MGC is running sort of (-;

Subject: 1969 MGC is running sort of (-;
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 16:52:53 -0700 (PDT)
With the help of my friends Jim C.and Mark J., I was
able to get the 69C roadster started but only on
starter fluid. I thought I had a carb problem and a
starter problem, so I started by readdressind the
hoses running to and from the carbs and engine like
the pictures taken of the car before I started taking
things apart. Sure enough, it was a vaccum problem.
The car started right up and ran for 5 minutes at 1500
RPM's That was the good news. The bad news was water
leaking from under the exhaust manifold. Jim C said it
must be from the water jacket (manifold). So I tried
tightening it to no avail. I ordered a new gasket and
went to work. 
I finished installing the new gasket on the water
manifold that runs under the exhaust manifold. It's a
lot easier to work on it if you undo the exhaust
manifold and headers together and pull them back out
of the way. Hardest part was getting old gasket off
engine. Not much room to work. I used a razor and a
finishing brush on my dremel. The water manifold was a
little easier cause it was out of the car. When I
mounted the gasket, I used black Permatex and used my
rubber gloved finger to smear it on the engine part. I
spread a small amount on the water manifold with the
tube and put the gasket on it. Then with the help of
my SO, we put two top center bolts in to get balance.
Then I proceeded to put the 11 remaining bolts in
tightening from the center out. I'm going to do a
final tigthening up after I type this and eat my
Dinner. I hope this takes care of the water leak. 
I'm pumped to get to my surface rust with Correlles
(spelling?) and get the front brakes finished. (-:

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