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RE: Carb & Trans Oil Questions

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Subject: RE: Carb & Trans Oil Questions
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Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 11:07:56 -0400
        Another poster said his noise was from an aftermarket shift knob.  Will 
re-install the original shift knob (came with the car) and let you know.  
Wonder if Teflon tape on the shift lever to knob threads would make any 
difference if the noise is from the aftermarket knob ??

Thanks,  Skip

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One other point: rattling and vibration in the shifter can also be 
caused by a gear shift knob that has it's threaded portion loose in the 
shifter. Most of the AMCO shifters I tried were loose between the 
threaded protion and the wooden ball shifter.  Rubber threaded shifters 
seem to eliminate this prob.
Dave Houser

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