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RE: 70 B air pump hose needs replacing

To: "'Mike Lins'" <>, <>
Subject: RE: 70 B air pump hose needs replacing
From: "Randy Trautman" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 20:28:58 -0700
I've just used standard fuel hose cut to length.  Be careful and not
loose the air restrictor that may be stuck in the old hose!


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Subject: Re: 70 B air pump hose needs replacing

Dear John,
I'd just go down to your local auto parts store(Pep Boys, Auto Zone,
etc) and take a piece of it with you. Just ask for Fuel-grade hose that
size. That's what  I did when I replaced mine. It didn't look like a
custom hose with the bends in it any more, but it still worked just
Mike Lins
1980 MGB

John Graham <> wrote:

hose might work as a replacement. Has anyone out there replaced theirs
what did you use? I like the look of the original custom fitted one, but
can't have everything I guess.

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