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Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 21:16:27 -0400
I don't know where Paul Root lives.  He said, "You'd think a place that
gets 60 inches of snow a year would have people that can drive in snow.
But they can't, the first real snow of the year and there's a wreck
every couple miles.


This in a place where everyone has to have a SUV.


Trying to drive a B or BGT in winter up here would be suicide. You know
someone in an Escalade or Expedition or Hummer would knock me off the
road and not even notice."


But, if an Escalade, Expedition or other too-tall SUV hit your MG,
chances are they would flip over.  Yes, your MG would be damaged from
the tire tracks.  But, you have stability, they don't.


The last few years in Connecticut, we had an amazing amount of snow.
SUV's often made the local paper for their abilities in the snow - their
abilities to end up on their sides or upside down. 


The only problem I had with my MGB was the inability to drive in more
than 6 inches of snow due to how far it is lowered.  It only has about 3
inches of ground clearance at the front cross member.  But, if the roads
are plowed with reasonable frequency, it doesn't matter.


During the winter of 1994-95 when I had my 1980 MGB, I passed a lot of
4WD SUV's in various snow storms.  All cases were in situations like
going up hills & other low-traction events.  All I used were regular
snow tires on the back & no LSD.  


If they don't plow the streets where you live, buy an SUV.  If they
plow, enjoy your B.


Norm Sippel

'66 MGB - year-round daily driver, occasional vintage racer.

'04 BMW X3 - too tall SUV, needed to tow the MGB & trailer.  But, at
least it gets 18 MPG around town.

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