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New '79 MGB owner

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Subject: New '79 MGB owner
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 14:19:20 -0400
Just starting on a partial restoration of a 79B that's been idle for the last
4-5 years. I used to rebuild foreign car engines "way back when" but have
never done a quasi-restoration.

My son and I have replaced the fuel pump, ripped out both brake & clutch
master cylinders, and are thinking about replacing the wiring system with a
Dan Masters kit.  The engine runs OK but I think the rear seals flowing pretty

Does anybody have any experience with Dan Masters wiring kits?  What about
Monza Exhaust systems?  A good friend says that their pretty loud...I like the
looks but not the very loud.

Dick Boes
Stafford, VA

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