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RE: attachment points, front fender

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Subject: RE: attachment points, front fender
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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 12:15:48 -0800

The purists will probably cringe, but I jammed a piece of handy tree
branch into the rocker panel so it prevented the bottom of the fender
from rattling. 

There really isn't anywhere to attach to if the lower lip is gone.  I
guess you could run a longish (1") self tapping screw through the lower
section of the fender and into good metal of the rocker about 3" from
the bottom.  This would do the same job as my handy branch.    

These areas are going to be replaced when you do the required rust
repair at a later date.  

I plan on replacing the bottom of the fender and front rocker some time
later this year.  For now the car drives and the sun is shining.  


1970 MGB  

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Subject: attachment points, front fender

Hi gang,
        Spring opened with a 77F here in NJ today, about 50 days early. 
So I had to pull my 76B out 
of the garage and change the oil. In doing so, I grabbed onto the 
base of the front fender just behind the wheel as I slid under the 
chassis. In so doing, I felt a shower of rust and then the base of the 
fender was no longer attached to the rest of the chassis. (I can only 
describe it as something like the non-bound pages of a book.)
        I could see no attachment sites. Looking through Porter's book,
found the section on Front Wing Removal. It indicated (2nd edition, p.
figure FWR4) that 3 cross head screws anchor the bottom of the front
in place. I see no signs of them, but that may be the problem.

I'm just wondering about a quick fix (realizing that quick fix and 30
old MGB is an oxymoron.)  I'm not up to an off the frame restoration
so how about just adding a new anchor point or two with self-tapping
metal screws.

Bill Saidel

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