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RE: attachment points, front fender

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Subject: RE: attachment points, front fender
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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 12:40:17 -0800

You have a good point.  

Having purchased my new MGB for a very reasonable price, I was perturbed to 
note a rattling from passenger side of the car.  Climbed out of the car, 
determined the offside fender was not attached at the bottom.  Casting about 
for some medium of silencing and mine eyes laid upon a short piece of 
decorative bark that had separated from it's fellows in the flower garden.  
Armed with said piece of bark, I approached the offending fender and proceeded 
to insinuate the wooden wedge between the terminated fender and the dust 
excluding panel, thus preventing the errant fender edge from impacting the 
rocker panel.   This is known in most circles as "Effecting a Bodge".

I should at this time mention, that this did not remove all the rattles from 
the vehicle.  Sometime later that week another rattle was terminated with a 
crash and a bang, much to the consternation no doubt of any following traveler. 

I always did think the MGB looked better without a front license plate and 

Note to self.  Look into the rattling front over riders.  Those can be useful 
as other than projectiles.  


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The purists will probably cringe, but I jammed a piece of handy tree
branch into the rocker panel so it prevented the bottom of the fender
from rattling. 
I think you could put a better spin on this.  How about:  "Lacking attach 
points, I pressed a wooden shim taken from a local hardwood source into the gap 
until the tension between the two metal components held it fast."
Jay Donoghue
66 Mustang

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