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Re: pedal wobble

To: "Bob Howard" <>
Subject: Re: pedal wobble
From: "Daniel Hackney" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 17:55:20 -0500
There is a slight wear between the bushing and the distance tube (Moss
190-625), but the majority of the play comes from the discrepancy
between the inner diameter of the distance tube and the diameter of
the 3/8" cross bolt (not pictured in the Moss catalog).

Holding each in my hand I can wiggle the distance tube quite a bit
with it installed on the bolt, and there is a visible gap.  To
eliminate this play the distance tube would need to fit snugly around
the bolt.  Since the new distance tubes were worse than the originals,
maybe I'll focus on the bolt.  Per my original post, the OD is 0.371",
4 thou shy of the nominal 0.375".  If I could find a cross bolt closer
to 0.38", perhaps that would help.  Other than that, the only things I
can think of are inserting some sort of sleeve between the tube and
bolt, or perhaps having a new distance tube machined to my spec.

To Max's point; I have seen the same problem on a '72 roadster,
although I don't recall hearing it mentioned on the MGs list before.
It's a minor problem in the grand scheme of things, but pedal feel can
have a large impact on the driving experience.

'72 BGT

On 12/19/06, Bob Howard <> wrote:
> Dan,
>    Might there be wear to the inside diameter of the pedals bushings,
> Moss #330-180?   I know those are worn on my '72 GT, visual inspection
> shows the wear, but I haven't got around to changing the bushings.
> Bob
> On Mon, 18 Dec 2006 21:41:35 -0500 "Daniel Hackney"
> <> writes:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I'd like to fix what I find to be an annoying trait of my '72 GT:
> > the brake and clutch pedals each have a fair amount of side to side
> > play.
> >
> > The play exists between the distance tube and the cross bolt, not
> > between the distance tube and bushing.  Using a caliper, I measured
> > the bolt (3/8") to be 0.371" OD on average.  The bolt doesn't have
> > grooves in it or appear worn in any way.  The existing distance
> > tubes measured 0.385" and 0.380" ID.  The two replacements that I
> > purchased (from a reputable supplier) measured 0.392" and 0.387" ID.
> This
> > hundredth is enough slop to translate to a lot of movement at the
> > end of each pedal.
> >
> > I realize these aren't high precision parts, but surely I can do a
> > bit better.  Are they all like this, or does there exist a fix that I
> > am missing?
> >
> > -Dan

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