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Subject: [oletrucks] 52 GMC
From: GOATUNO@aol.com
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 20:06:33 EDT
I am hoping a couple of have been through these things, and are able to take 
a moment to pass on some needed information on my GMC.

Interior paint:
The dash and  interior of my 52 GMC is in need of spraying. I have seen 
several different variations as to what color it should be. Some are grey, 
others are more similar to a brown-grey. Which color is correct? Should I 
purchase this in the pints, or in a ready to go spray can?

Power Steering:
I would like to add power steering. How is best to accomplish this? How 
difficult, and how expensive.

Limited Rebuild:
Where is an inexpensive place to purchase a gasket kit for my 216? I am 
goping to pull my engine, to clean and replace all gaskets. Any thoughts on 
what else I should do when pulling the engine? 

Reading the articles from the group has been an absolute pleasure! Thanks for 
the insight.

 '52 GMC


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