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[oletrucks] Tales From The Ventiplane

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Subject: [oletrucks] Tales From The Ventiplane
From: Hudson29@aol.com
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999 21:18:10 EST
    A week or so ago I posted a request for information on doing up the doors 
on an AD truck. I got one suggestion to check the door hinge pins (thanks 
Rob), and this check gave inconclusive results. The doors DO move up and down 
a bit, but the movement feels like flexibility in the hinge/pillar/door 
assembly more than looseness from pin wear. I watched for differential motion 
between the door and the pillar and saw none.
    From the lack of informative posts on this topic, I would have to guess 
that not many of us have messed around in the door/window/weatherstrip area. 
Well, I have a tale or two to impart, having spent a little quality time with 
the shop manual and then partially stripped the driver's door and reassembled 
    First the door mechanism is very simple, and once you sort through the 
proliferation of jargon, the manual makes sense in a sparce sort of way. It 
would have been helpful if GM had included an exploded view of the door 
assembly showing the relative position of the various parts and calling out 
their names. I recently bought a 1959 parts manual hoping for clarity, but 
alas that book is also very shy of exploded views. Here are a few tips 
gleaned from experience:

    1. After stripping off the door upholstery and handles, The manual tells 
you (Pg 1-9, Fig. 18) to remove bolt "A." Access can be gained by removing 
the hinge cover plate on the bottom and reaching upward with a 1/2" socket on 
a long extension. This is visible only with a small mirror and a snakelight.

    2. After removing bolt "A," the 5 smaller screws around the ventilator 
assembly can be removed. The window is then lowered, and the ventilator can 
be maneuvered out. I found that the window can slide forward out of place and 
make life very difficult trying to "maneuver" that ventilator! Make sure the 
window is all the way aft in it's track before you attempt to remove the 

    3. Once you get the ventilator assembly out, there is very little you can 
do with it in a typical home workshop. The shop manual never mentions 
changing the vent window gasket for good reason, it is a riveted assembly, 
and I'm sure the dealers just replaced the whole shootin' match rather than 
mess with it. On my last trip to Golden State I noticed they had rebuilt 
ready-to-install complete ventilator units on display. They were expensive 
($75?) , but may beat the fooling around required to do a proper job. Has any 
body rebuilt these units and would you care to tell us how? I have the 
gaskets and window channeling to do this job in stock now. If I have to buy 
Golden State's units, I have wasted my money, and not for the first time!

    I didn't start on the weatherstripping yet, but this too needs doing up. 
Would anybody care to offer some tips to those of us that have never worked 
with it yet? How do you remove the old seals? Do you just pull them off and 
scrape the surfaces clean? What adhesive is the best to use? The manual 
mentions that certain retainers need to be uncrimped. Is there an easy way to 
do this? What tool should be used?

Paul O'Neil, Hudson29@aol.com
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The Poor Man's Advanced Design Tech Tips Page
Fullerton, California USA
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